NavFit98A 2.2

Manage service reports for enlisted men and officers
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Organize a database of Enlisted evaluations (EVALS) and Officer Fitness Reports (FITREPS). Automatically create a report form and fill in the requisite fields. The suite integrates with Microsoft Access databases and exports or imports relevant information for quick viewing.

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NAVFIT98A is a Windows based software application that helps users create, store, organize and print fitness or evaluation reports. These reports are printed in hard copy and mailed to Navy Personnel Command.
PERS-32 then scans the hard copy into the FITREP/EVAL (FE) Module of the Electronic Military Personnel Records System (EMPRS) creating an image of the report that will be placed on a member’s permanent digitized record.
NAVFIT98A is considered a NMCI core application (CA). A software application is designated as an NMCI CA if it is part of the Core Build for any particular seat platform on any operating system (OS) (all applications required to deliver any of the base Client Data seats are considered CAs).
NAVIT98A is a DON Application and Database Management System approved application. Please check with your network administrator before installing NAVFIT98A on a network workstation.

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